Simple Product Retouching


Basic $10 Product Retouching

Photographs sell products. GREAT photographs help your customers make a buying decision that sell your products faster… and that is the desired effect. We have powerful tools with today’s inexpensive digital cameras, and even cell phones. It is easy to take great pictures. While that makes taking photos of your products much more achievable, when you need to incorporate those photos into a web page or a print advertisement… many common problems occur.

Sometimes that white background doesn’t really look white, or the lights in the room create a color-cast on your product that just doesn’t make it look as spectacular once it on a web page…. or it just looks drab. Most small business owners don’t have the budget to hire a professional photographer, so they just make it work…but it really doesn’t wind up working in the end. That is where basic product retouching can help. You can take a photo, or a series of photos, even ones that were taken with different cameras, and make them look uniform… brightened, and better. Sometimes the best solution is just the drop out the image on white, and toss in a drop shadow to get rid of the distracting background.

I have this process down to a science. The only requirement is that the photos be medium to high resolution… so if you are ready to put that camera phone or digital camera to work… it might be worth kicking in $10 to really make those photos sing! If you aren’t sure that your shots will work, you can send me a few and I will let you know right away if they are suitable to work with or not…after all, your success is my success! Scroll down for some examples!

Dropout Background - Product Retouching
Dropout Background - Product Retouching
Dropout retouching is used to isolate a product or item and remove the background and either make it transparent, white, black or any specified color. This is typically used for displaying images in a catalog or online store, or for adding into another graphic design. You will receive a link to upload your images after purchase.

 Click to see this rollover full size

Click to see this rollover full size.

Alex Thompson. Photographer. Photoshop Expert. Phase One Certified Professional using Phase One Equipment and Capture One.

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