Retouching for Models

Unlike actor headshots, modeling photographs bridge into the realm of style and fashion that are often a far departure from reality. For most agencies and castings seeking a model – often they are focused on a specific feature or potential as opposed to just a realistic rendition of your current look ( although that is always important ). I retouch modeling headshots so they maintain the integrity of your unique features, while also reflecting mood and style.

Retouching for modeling shots emphasize beauty and glamour details such as:

  • Flawless skin
  • Even features such as eyes, balanced lips
  • Refined eyebrows
  • Defined eyelashes
  • Accentuated irises
  • Polished teeth
  • Tamed hair
  • Facial feature contouring and toning
  • Tuned nails and fingers (if they are in the image)

These simple adjustments can turn a great photograph, into a stunning photograph. Retouched photos are completed and returned in high resolution format, and sized small for email and upload to LA Models, Vision Los Angeles, Nous Models & other agencies.

High-End Glamour Retouching
High-End Glamour Retouching
Designed for models and makeup artists, glamour retouching focuses on perfecting all attributes of a face including skin, eyebrows, eyelashes, pores, makeup and associated details including lipstick shine and perfect looking nails. You will receive a link to upload your images after purchase.


Alex Thompson. Photographer. Photoshop Expert. Phase One Certified Professional using Phase One Equipment and Capture One.

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