Executive Portraits


An executive photo session should result in a range of amazing, expressive photos, and the key starts way before the session. I like to learn about the subjects position, company, and what types of marketing materials and possible venues the images might be used for. While the confident, powerful image is a popular look, I also like to capture the inventive spirit, the strength of leadership and character that co-workers know. While executive photo shoots usually have a singular purpose, for a quarterly report, or website… a great shoot will yield photos that will wind up being used for many things, adding a further boost to your profile. People always have a hope from a photo session, to have a photo that portrays the person they want others to see. My goal is to capture that photo of you.

Typically I like to shoot executive portraits on-site at the place of work… preferably early in the morning or after close of business so that the attention of people and business aren’t a distraction. Shots are viewable during the shoot instantly via iPad for reference, guaranteeing that you get the shots you want. Selections can be made at that time also, or after the shoot once the full shoot is uploaded online. Final professional digital retouching will add the final professional polish to your photographs, which will be made available in color and black and white for print.

Executive Portrait Package
Executive Portrait Package
Designed to capture your professional individual dynamic. Professional portraits should convey success, ingenuity and confidence. Shot on location at your place of business to best reflect you in your professional environment. (Shooting in studio available also.)

Mouse over the image below to see the transition from color to black & white.


Photograph of  Sean Kingston and J.R. Totem for the cover of Mix Magazine. Photographed at Paramount Recording Studios in Hollywood.

Alex Thompson. Photographer. Photoshop Expert. Phase One Certified Professional using Phase One Equipment and Capture One.

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