$5 Zed / Comp Card Design – Preparing Your Headshot For Printing

You have the perfect photos… now what? While online casting websites are critical – there is still incredible merit to having printed cards with your photos, stats, contact info and sometimes a resumé on the back. They have many names, comp card, Z card, Zed Card, Stat Card… regardless you have to decide what your goal is, and the sizes and quantity that you want printed. The biggest factor to keep in mind is while you can get a discount on ordering a large quantity at once… you can *always* order more prints… and people often change their look… distribute new cards to freshen their look… or try different images to see what yields the best results. So often ordering a large quantity of cards is sometimes not as strategic as having smaller, more varied versions printed.

While conforming to the following standards are encouraged for marketing – I can design to any size 11″x14″ or smaller for $5 per individual printed piece.

When ordering, just put in the number of finished graphic design pieces you want ( NOT the same as the number of images you submit ) – and place the order. Once the order is placed you will be instructed to specify the size, design type and to submit the images that you want on your card.

The most common sizes are as follows (images below are examples):

8×10 Standard Headshot with name on front / resume & contact info on back.


8×10 “Comp Card” (composite card of several looks) on the front with name – stats – contact info


5.5 x 8.5 Comp Card

comp-card light-sm-bg

5×7 Cards Various Designs

model3 model2 modelcard

3 7/8″ x 9 1/4″ “Buck Slip” – One sided card that fits in a standard #10 envelope


Actor Z Card Design - Printing Prep
Actor Z Card Design - Printing Prep
Graphic design and preparation of your headshot for printing. Various sizes available with your name and/or any desired information on the card. ***This does NOT include printing... this is just preparing YOUR final retouched images and prepping them to be sent for printing.

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